GOAD "Titania" 2CD

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GOAD "Titania" 2CD

Artist: GOAD
Title: Titania
Style: Progressive Rock
Format: 2 CD
Label: My Kingdom Music
Cat.Nr: echo185

Street Date: Oct. 20th, 2023
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MaurilioRossiGoad

- tracklist:
1. Upon A Little Hill
2. Let Fly To The Sun
3. You Say You Love
4. To One Who Has
5. Who Sent Me Some Roses
6. One Night Like Another
7. Sea Bird
8. To You, I Can't Speak Or Think
9. Beauty Is Truth: Fair Attitude
10. Beauty Is Truth: Away Away
11. Beauty Is Truth: Generation Waste
12. Beauty Is Truth: Waking Dream
13. Beauty Is Truth: Taking Breath
14. Beauty Is Truth: Fill For Me

Bonus "Live" CD
1. I'll Celebrate You
2. Yet Another Battlefield
3. It's Always The Same Thing
4. Brain Cobweb
5. Dreamland
6. Dark Virgin
7. As Nothing Had Changed
8. The Haunted Palace
9. Genius Of Europe
10. Empty Box
11. Heavy Wings
12. My Last War