DRAKKAR "Run With The Wolf" 2xdigiCD

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DRAKKAR "Run With The Wolf" 2xdigiCD

Title: Run With The Wolf
Style: Epic Power Metal
Format: 2xdigiCD
Label: My Kingdom Music
Cat.Nr: echo106

Street Date: Mar. 16th, 2015
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drakkarmetal
Country: Italy

Limited deluxe edition including a bonus CD (“Coming From The Past”), with 5 classic songs from their first three albums re-recorded, refreshed and taken to new heights by the current lineup!

CD I: “Run With The Wolf”
1. Rise Of The Dark Lords (Intro) - 2. Under The Banners Of War - 3. Run With The Wolf - 4. Watcher On The Wall - 5. Ride The Storm - 6. Burning - 7. Southern Cross - 8. Gods Of Thunder - 9. Invincible - 10. Call Of The Dragonblood
CD II: “Coming From The Past” - bonus cd
1. Coming From The Past - 2. Dragonheart - 3. Eridan Falls - 4. Pure Of Heart - 5. Galadriel' Song