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Title: Amnio
Style: Dreaming Decadent Gothic Doom
Format: CD / digital
Label: My Kingdom Music
Cat.Nr: echo093
Barcode: 8013024130938

Street Date: August 5th, 2013
facebook: www.facebook.com/RavingSeasonOfficial
country: Italy

Overview: RAVING SEASON present “Amnio” an album characterized by intense melodies that are rooted in a great atmospheric doom / gothic, a song-writing complex and elegant, never falling into banality and above all dark atmospheres enriched with two front-women that reflect the soul of Amnio: the enchanted but firm Judith’s voice and the strong and intense Federica’s growl.
A disc with an excellent quality of recording that gives everything a fresh and powerful sound, well-kept in detail, full of emotions who want to carry the listener through a journey that alternates between melancholy and anger, for all fans of Draconian, early Anathema, My Dying Bride, Isis.
Just from all of this comes the title of the disc, Amnio: the element that surrounds the birth of a child, what gives rise to a new "season".
Produced at Lemonhead studio by Federico Truzzi and mastered by Greg Chandler (ESOTERIC) at Priory Recording studio (UK).

1. Turandot
2. Dusk Dance
3. My Last Murderer
4. Silent Lake
5. Restless Rain (il rumore della pioggia)
6. My Darkest Season (pt.2)
7. Testament
8. Suspanded In A Spiral
9. Amnio